Street basketball rules

We took over the rules from the German Basketball Federation and did not invent anything new.
The original can be found here.
Key rule in street basketball: FAIR PLAY

That why there are no referees in street basketball. The teams are required to settle disputes among themselves, otherwise the coin toss or the court observer decides. The decision of the court observers is final.

All the rules of street basketball
  1. The game is 3-on-3. A team consists of four players, including substitutes. The team captain is the contact person for the game management or the court observers.
  2. The games must be started in three and can be completed in pairs. The players of a team may not be changed during the tournament. Changing a player will result in tournament exclusion.
  3. The first ball possession is decided by coin toss. After each basket success, the ball possession changes – no "make it, take it". After basket success, fouls and balls, the game starts behind the 2-point line (check). Before a basket success, the ball must be touched by at least two players of the attacking team. In a ball possession change, such as defensive rebound or steal, the ball must be passed or dribbled behind the 2-point line before an attack can be launched. If there is no interruption of the game, the check is also omitted.
  4. In jump ball situations, the offense receives the ball. If the ball touches the basket, it is considered "off". Dunkings are not allowed during the warm-up or in the game. A basket scored in the game by Dunking does not count; the ball possession changes. Dunkings are allowed on appropriately secured baskets.
  5. Time game (max. 30 sec.) violates the principle of fairness. Game delays are punished with loss of ball. Time game decision is made by the court observer.
  6. A field basket or a free throw count for 1 point each. Successful throws behind the 6.75 m line count 2 points.
  7. A game ends when a team with a minimum 2-point lead has reached 16 points or the game time has expired. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, each member of the team throws a free throw in alternation with the other team. With different number of players in the teams, the first one throws (throw) again. If there is still no winner after this round, 1-to-1 will be thrown until a winner is determined. If a first player has already thrown a second time because of the different number of players in the teams, he/she is only in the 1-to-1 throw again when the last has thrown out of his/her team. The winner of the free throw after a draw receives one point more than the result after the regular season.
  8. Each team can take a 30 sec break while running. In the last two minutes of the game, neither team can take time out.
  9. The fouled player announces the fouls. The game continues with ball possession for the fouled team, even if the player was fouled in the throw. In the event of disagreement between the two teams, the court observer decides. When a player is fouled on a successful throw, the basket counts and the ball possession changes. From the 6th team foul, every further foul is punished with a free throw for the fouled player. After the free throw, the fouled team remains in possession of the ball. If a basket is scored on the foul, it counts and the free throw is omitted.
  10. Unsportsmanlike fouls are punished with a free throw for the fouled player and ball possession for his team. Two unsportsmanlike fouls by a player result in the exclusion from the current game.
  11. Hands-on scares will result in the tournament exclusion for both teams involved.
The rules for street basketball as a download from the German Basketball Federation:
Rules as PDF
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